J.T. Stewart’s presentations are suitable for any group and can be customized to fit any need.

The three presentations that are the nucleus are:


J.T. Presents a powerful message about overcoming and achieving while highlighting information from his best selling book titled PowerAchieving. We all have powers around us. The Power of choice, Power of love, Power of others, and the Power of you. Through the art of storytelling J.T. Opens our eyes to how to get more power in our lives by tapping into the power within.



J.T. Takes you to the job site of life. Through the use of sensory conceptual programming and a construction worker setting, JT gets to the real deal involved in building success from the ground up. By Using the metaphor of building a home, JT explains the phases from blueprint to final inspection to build a successful life. He lays out what needs to be done when we are building the future and rehabbing the past. Success is like constructing a house. It doesn’t just happen. There is a vision.There is a plan (Blueprint),there are certain steps that must be followed. It is a process. This presentation is filled with how to’s and broken down with the creative ideas that you use to build a life that is strong and lasting.



Have you allowed someone to steal your dreams? Have they killed your passion? The stage turns into the courtroom as JT brings forth evidence about success. The audience is both on trial as well as their own jury. This program is a challenging and riveting time. JT builds a case for you to be more and do more. In any court room trial there has to be a motive. There has to be an opportunity. There has to be execution. Let The evidence show that either you are stealing your own dreams and robbing yourself of the future or you are exonerated. This challenging presentation is a serious wake up call. We are judged by who we are and what we do. This presentation will challenge and clarify so that you can become better at preventing anything or anyone from stealing, killing, abducting your dreams


More about J.T.’s presentations

JT is a world-class storyteller. He teaches with stories and parables that help people understand and engage. Using a comedic style, JT is able to drive points home that last after the day is done. His information and inspiration are a combination that will leave the group inspired to think bigger and then  have the tools to help them do just that. Think big.. be big. JT IS THE Author of the best-selling book ‘PowerAchieving. He provides information that is not just theory. Faith without works is dead. This is not about making you feel good this is about making you be good. JT is not about just talking about something that he hasn’t lived or experienced. He can help navigate through the waters of life and business. His style is unique and stands out. If your group is looking for something besides the blah status quo, speaker….JT is your guy.