Knowledge and experience are the foundations of a solution driven coach.

JT offers coaching in person, Skype, or by phone. Packages are based on 4 sessions.

Here are what people are saying about having been coached by JT:


“JT made a huge difference in the direction I took my career. And for sessions I loved what I was doing right and wrong. I also learned and discovered my passion which I’m happy to say was a great career choice. Amazing insight.”

-Kerry Kline

Insurance Agent


“JT is a creative problem solver for me. He Inspires me to use the solutions that work and is it valuable tool in the growth of my business as well as my personal growth. He communicates clearly and helped me discover my own path. You can tell me what to do you let me discover.”

-Kat McEntee

Talent Agent


“My life and my business have been radically changed after coaching with JT Stewart. His hard-nosed, real-life approach forces you to face your personal challenges, overcome them, and grow. I highly recommend JT to anyone who is ready to hear the real truth.”

-Richard Harris

Mortgage Broker


“I have been working with J.T. for several months and he is truly great at what he does. He has helped me identify problems, develop solutions, formulate realistic goals and create a solid, workable plan to achieve my goals.  J.T. is very intuitive, supportive and caring, yet holds you accountable and helps you stay on track as you progress toward your goals. If you are committed to make positive changes in your life, you should definitely work with J.T. I highly recommend him!” 

-Bryan Norris