About J.T.

JT is a Real Deal speaker with creativity and truth.  J.T. Stewart uses Sensory Conceptual Programming to present his message. The message lasts long after the event. J.T.’s presentations are part Hi tech media and part theatrical storytelling. JT Stewart is outside the box yet inside the lines. J.T. Stewart speaks…truth to power, power to action, and action to change.

J.T. Stewart is the president of J.T. Stewart Enterprises based in Cincinnati Ohio. J.T.’s mission statement as outlined in his best-selling book titled “PowerAchieving” is to help people “turn potential into reality.” J.T. Stewart has been involved in and launched several national products and businesses. His accomplishments in the sports and entertainment world are many. J.T. speaks to many corporations and groups helping them reach new levels of achievement.

Bestselling author J.T. Stewart has managed celebrities in the NFL, UFC, and NASCAR. He and his partners notably grew the “American Fighter” clothing brand from $20,000 to a $50-million-dollar brand, before selling to Affliction Clothing company.

J.T.’s public relations work has landed clients in USA Today, Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, and FOX News. He currently produces and hosts the show “4192, An Evening with Pete Rose LIVE,” runs complete marketing campaigns, and speaks to groups and organizations on his passion for turning potential into reality.