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Before it was a sports sensation in every corner of the globe, the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) was a bloody, violent and unstable business environment for the athletes and flock of entrepreneurs scrapping to stake their claim. Among those small businesses that rode the rising tide of the UFC was American Fighter, the t-shirt and apparel company best known for its partnership with math-teacher-turned-fighter, 3 time middleweight world champion and all-around clean-cut athlete Rich Franklin. But unseen by the hundreds of thousands of fans who wore American Fighter shirts was the constant struggle and wild ride of the company’s founder, Jeff Adler. A former construction engineer and karate school owner, Adler took his bare-knuckle education earned on the streets of Philadelphia and helped create a million-dollar clothing business using a mishmash of skills as varied as those of an MMA fighter. Along the way, Jeff Adler, Rich Franklin, JT Stewart and the American Fighter team helped pioneer and innovate in a world where broken promises could lead to broken bones and the only thing for certain was that danger was just around the corner.


The stories are great and revolve around my life and experiences that lead me to building the American Fighter brand. You will find a lot of business and life lessons in here, which makes for an awesome and entertaining story!

Authors: Jeff Adler & J.R. Lewis